How To Use Video To Power-Up Your Business

Whether you’re promoting your business, products or services, or you need to communicate effectively internally, video is the perfect format for getting your messages across.

Join Rowan from Southpoint Films for this workshop on how to use video within your business, in which we cover using video on your website and on social media, and give you practical takeaways for you to start implementing immediately.

As part of the workshop you'll be encouraged to take part in a practical exercise which will involve you recording a short piece to camera about your business. Make sure you have a camera to hand - even if it’s just your phone.

About Southpoint Films

Southpoint Films work with companies of all sizes, from startups and sole traders through to globally recognised names, and we’ve found that a variety of businesses – from soloprenuers upwards – have benefited from our workshops in the past. We hope you enjoy!

Want a more hands-on experience?

You can book us to deliver this workshop in person with your team or at a networking event. The workshop tends to last two hours and we bring our own cameras with us for the practical exercise. Contact us for more information.

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